Harvest of the Month:

  • November

    Harvests of the Month: Pumpkin (phytonutrients) & Pear (fiber), alternates available**

    Cool Bean of the Month w/ Cultural Connection: Navy Bean - America

    FALL Environmental Connection: Eating in Season

    Health Campaign: Walk and Roll to School Day


Recipe of the Month

  • 1. Fiesta Bean Dip - with PINTO beans
    Starting our Cool Bean adventure with familiar and kid-friendly flavors. Enjoy the fiesta!
    Cool Beans from Around the World Recipes classroom recipes, FALL - Adventures 1, 2 & 3
    In order to make your Cool Beans from Around the World adventure as easy, clean and safe as possible, most
    ingredients are pre-packaged, plant-based and require minimal prep / chopping for teachers. The beginning of
    each Cool Bean culinary adventure will begin with the teacher demonstrating the food prep for “chefs,” and
    then sampling their creation - with hopefully rave reviews to create a fun atmosphere of anticipation!
    Priority for student CHEFS: creativity, ownership and FUN...allowing your chefs to gather ingredients from a
    buffet type table - doing all the scooping themselves, so that they may build their meal for a creative and
    “ownership” experience.
    We encourage you to let chefs scoop right from the can / store packaging, so they may see and read labels and
    ingredients. Each serving should fit onto a very small plate or bowl. Thanks for using organic ingredients and
    biodegradable plates/utensils when possible (prices below reflect mostly organic for beans and veggies) - and
    for sharing the eco and health benefits of organic ingredients with your chefs. All recipes will be posted at
    healthykidshappyplanet.org > Cool Beans nutrition curriculum webpage & Daily Scoop webpage.

    Preparation. Wash hands. Chefs will
    scoop ingredients from a buffet of
    containers, to build a layer-dip on
    their plate. Dip chips and enjoy!
    Supplies: Serving spoons, can
    opener, small paper plates.
    Estimated cost: for 25+ students:
    $33.00 + $2.00 for small paper plates
    = $35.00
    Ingredients per 15 students - 1⁄2 cup servings w approximately 1⁄4 cup of beans each
    2 cans (15oz) pinto beans, drained from the can (no need to rinse)....$3.00
    1 bag (16oz) frozen corn kernels, thawed to room temperature....$3.00
    1 Pico de Gallo salsa (16 oz, chunky and mild)....$3.00
    1 container guacamole (16oz)....$5.00
    Big Bag of Tortilla Chips - enough for 25+ students....$5.00

    2. Boston Baked Beans on “Toast” - with NAVY beans
    Eating tangy baked beans on toast is an English tradition. We predict that in the near future, it could
    be as popular as avocado toast - avocado toast with baked beans is the best!
    Ingredients, per 15 students - 2+ crackers per servings w approximately 1⁄4 cup of beans
    2 cans (15oz) Baked Beans - Full Circle Market brand recommended (thick & creamy) at major grocers....$3.00
    1 box (8.4 oz) whole grain crackers - we recommend Miltons brand (large and flakey)....$3.00
    2 ripe Avocados, sliced into 8 wedges each, peel on....$4.00
    Package cherry tomatoes (12oz), rinsed....$4.00
    12 oz bottle maple syrup (serves 100 students/1 teaspoon each - used in this recipe and next, Three Sisters Fall

    Mixture, plus recipe 7....$8.00*
    Preparation: Wash hands. Stir beans to distribute the tangy
    sauce. Display can for visual reference. Your chefs will scoop
    beans onto crackers and top with their own avocado slices and
    Supplies. Serving spoons, knife & cutting board, can opener,
    small paper plates.
    Estimated cost: for 25+ students $36.00 + $2.00 for small paper
    plates = $38.00
    All Cool Bean recipes are posted at healthykidshappyplanet.org
    > nutrition curriculum webpage & Daily Scoop webpage

    3. Three Sisters Fall Mixture - with KIDNEY beans
    Maple syrup adds sweet flavor to this colorful fall combination. Fresh dill weed adds a savory accent,
    while giving students a fun and fascinating sensory experience with this unusual herb.
    Ingredients, per 15 students - 1⁄2 cup servings w approximately 1⁄4 cup of beans
    2 cans (15oz) Kidney beans, drained, but not necessary to rinse....$3.00
    2 bags (10 oz) frozen & cubed butternut squash, thawed. Sustainable Slahlbush brand at natural markets....$6.00
    1 Bag (16oz) frozen corn kernels, thawed....$3.00
    Bunch of fresh dill - is enough for 25+ students....$3.00
    1 Bag (8 oz) roasted, salted pumpkin seeds
    - is enough for 40+ students....$5.00
    Maple syrup, 12oz bottle, also used in recipe 2 & 7
    Preparation. Wash hands. Using Tablespoon size serving
    spoons, chefs will take 1 heaping scoop of each ingredient
    from the buffet table, and mix in their bowl. Teacher or other
    adult volunteer will supervise students pouring maple syrup
    into a teaspoon and drizzling over mixture. Lastly, chefs tear
    the feathery sprig of dill weed and sprinkle on top.
    Supplies. Serving spoons, can opener, paper plates, knife or
    scissors (to cut dill).
    Estimated cost for 25+ students: $32.00 + $5/small paper
    plates & eco-spoons = $37.00

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