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Common Core Standards

Welcome to Common Core Standards

  Common Core Standards English      What are the Common Core Standards?
Informational Flyers
Informational flyers providing overviews and highlights of the CCSS, available in five languages.
California Department of Education CCSS Resources Web page 
Information and resources about the academic content standards for mathematics and ELA adopted by the State Board of Education.   Parent help with Common Core Standards Math  

Common Core Standards by Grade

*Great website for State Standards resources:   TCOE common core standards website​

*Common Core Informational Brochures

K-2nd ELA Standards                              K-2nd Math Standards                     

3rd-5th ELA Standards                           3rd-5th Math Standards  

6th-8th ELA Standards                           6th-8th Math Standards   Spanish ELA K-2nd Standards              Spanish K-2nd Math Standards  

Spanish ELA 3rd-5th Standards               Spanish 3rd-5th Standards   Spanish ELA 6th-8th Standards               Spanish 6th-8th Math Standards​  

K-12 ELD                                               Spanish K-12 ELD​